HB 4122 Moving to House Floor TOMORROW (Friday, May 5th)

Unfortunately, House Bill 4122 is moving. It will be heard on the House Floor tomorrow, Friday May 5th. As we wrote in a previous post, the committee substitute is slightly less worrisome in that it would allow HTGCD and BSEACD to refuse to transfer territory, but there are too many avenues for the bill to be amended and for the law to be manipulated.

Please call members of the House and ask them to vote AGAINST House Bill 4122 for the following reasons:

- It caters to a special interest, Needmore Ranch, at the expense of smaller landowners, allowing the ranch to circumvent BSEACD's jurisdiction and a proposed permit the district has issued which Needmore Ranch has publicly opposed.

- It unravels House Bill 3405, passed last session, which extended BSEACD's boundaries to protect existing wells.

- It is unnecessary as Chapter 36 of the Water Code currently contains a process where groundwater districts can consolidate territory, and there is no prohibition against landowners requesting that districts do so.

The following Representatives would be good people to call, but the more members you can reach, the better. Please ask these members to SPEAK against House Bill 4122 as well as to VOTE against it.

John Cyrier (512) 463-0682

Donna Howard (512) 463-0631

Sarah Davis (512) 463-0389

Eddie Rodriguez (512) 463-0674

Paul Workman (512) 463-0652

Larry Gonzales (512) 463-0670

Tony Dale (512) 463-0696

Lyle Larson (512) 463-0646

Strickland (512) 463-0522

Kyle Biedermann (512) 463-0325

Jason Isaac (512) 463-0647