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Let's Rally in the EP Impact Zone

Make plans to Rally

in the EP impact zone

on Thursday, June 27,

6-8:30pm at Vista Brewing!

TESPA will share results of new groundwater modeling conducted on the impacts of Electro Purification.

(Yes. EP is still here!)

There will be science and maps and updates on the EP contested case. We’ll hear about the contested Needmore Ranch groundwater permit in Hays County, which is scheduled for a final hearing on July 29th.

Local water wells are threatened. Streams, creeks and springs are in jeopardy. Even Jacobs Well could be compromised over time.

All of this is very concerning, and it’s imperative the community stay informed and connected — best done over a cold beer (made with the precious groundwater we’re trying to protect).

It’s all about the groundwater!

Please come.

Spread the word.