No More For Needmore!

Help TESPA fund the fight against this water grab

Needmore Water LLC has applied to the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Conservation District (BSEACD) for a groundwater permit that would allow them to pump over 289,000,000 million gallons of groundwater a year from the Trinity Aquifer or 550 gallons per minute per day.

This is an excessive and greedy request. This amount would cover the 5,000 acre ranch in 2 inches of water and is enough water for over 39,000 head of cattle at 20 gallons per day per head.

Aquifer tests revealed that pumping at this rate caused over 14 feet of drawdown in a monitoring well almost two miles away.

BSEACD projects that within seven years, drawdown could be as much as 140 feet.

This volume of pumping coupled with other large groundwater development projects planned for the Trinity Aquifer (like EP), could have devastating impacts to aquifer levels and could impact spring flow and flow in the Blanco River.

Despite the severe impacts this pumping will have on its neighbors, Needmore is arguing that BSEACD should not be allowed to require Needmore to reduce production. And even more outrageously, Needmore is arguing that nearby landowners should not be allowed to protest the permit.

TESPA represents the collective voice of landowners in Hays County and the Hill Country who want to protect their groundwater and who recognize the importance that groundwater plays in sustaining the ecology and the economy of the Hill Country. TESPA is contesting Needmore’s permit request and has every intent to challenge this permit in court to protect the private property rights of smaller landowners and the public’s right to flowing rivers.

This will be a long and expensive fight. The Water Code requires the person contesting a groundwater permit to pay for all costs associated with the hearing. In this case, the hearing costs at the State Office of Administrative Hearings will be $31,000.00 plus attorneys and expert fees. To pay for the costs of this hearing and beyond, TESPA urgently needs to raise funds. We have a goal of raising $60,000 in the next few months to meet this immediate need.

Let’s tell Needmore Water, no more! No more excessive water grabs that threaten our wells, our springs, and our way of life in the Hill Country. Please donate to TESPA today!