TESPA Files Contested Case Hearing Request on DSWSC's Permit Amendment at HTGCD

Dripping Springs Water Supply Corporation has submitted a permit amendment application with HTGCD requesting an additional 825 acre feet a year of groundwater from the Trinity Aquifer. The District has never required DSWSC to conduct an aquifer test under District Rules, and DSWSC has never monitored wells off site of its property to determine whether the increase in production will impact existing wells. Also alarming is the fact that there is evidence that DSWSC wells are pumping surface water from Onion Creek, yet this has not been considered in the application and the District has not addressed this in its staff recommendation to the HTGCD Board. TESPA believes that the application does not comply with District rules and Chapter 36 of the Water Code and is concerned that these oversights harm its members, many of whom own wells within the jurisdiction of HTGCD. As a result, TESPA filed a contested case hearing request with HTGCD yesterday. HTGCD will determine whether TESPA has standing to contest the permit amendment at their board meeting tonight at the Wimberley Community Center at 6:00 PM.