TESPA Protests Needmore Water's Groundwater Application at BSEACD

Today, the Trinity Edwards Springs Protection Association (TESPA) filed a protest and contested case request with the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Authority (BSEACD) related to Needmore Water's application to pump over 289,000,000 gallons of groundwater a year from the Trinity Aquifer near Wimberley. You can read the contested case request here. This amount of water would cover the 5,000 acre ranch in about 2 inches of water. It is enough water for 37,542 head of cattle, and is equivalent to 792,000 gallons a day, which would provide for 5,280 households assuming a daily average household usage of 150 gallons a day.

During an aquifer test in March 2016, Needmore Water's Hydrogeologist observed 14 feet of drawdown in a monitoring well two miles from the well on Needmore Ranch. And BSEACD has projected that within seven years the monitoring well will experience 140 feet of drawdown.

Many nearby landowners are concerned about the impact this amount of pumping will have on their own wells, their property values, spring flow and surface water flow in the Blanco River, and they are joining and supporting TESPA to challenge this water grab.

Portions of House Bill 3405, the legislation that extended BSEACD's jurisdiction over unregulated areas of the Trinity Aquifer, limit BSEACD’s authority to consider the impact this pumping will have on surface water and spring flow. TESPA contends that these limitations are unconstitutional and violate Chapter 36 of the Texas Water Code.


Picture: Blanco River at Montesino Ranch. Montesino has joined TESPA to fight Needmore's water grab.