Update on Needmore Contested Case

TESPA's request for a hearing on Needmore Water LLC's Regular Permit application before BSEACD has been referred to the State Office of Administrative Hearings and an Administrative Law Judge has been assigned to the case. For your reference, the SOAH docket number is 957-17-2582.

On March 6, the ALJ held a prehearing phone conference with Needmore's attorney, Edmond McCarthy, BSEACD's attorney, Bill Dugat, and TESPA's attorneys, Vanessa Puig-Williams, Jeff Mundy, and Charles Irvine. The parties agreed to a briefing schedule to submit written arguments between now and the end of April. The ALJ will be issuing an order with specific deadlines. The preliminary hearing on standing will likely take place sometime in May, although the date has not been set. TESPA will send an update out with this date.

TESPA needs your help to fund the legal expenses associated with challenging this permit. We cannot do it without adequate financial resources. Individual donations are instrumental in funding this fight!