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It's hard to comprehend, but there is a possibility that the Kinder Morgan pipeline may put an end to Electro Purification's current project on the Bridge's and Odell's properties. For info about EP's groundwater permit, click here. The proposed pipeline goes directly through the existing EP wells on the Bridge's property and very close to the existing wells on the Odell's property.

At this point in time, there are many unknowns, but it does not appear like Kinder Morgan is going to reroute the pipeline. The Special Commissioners in the condemnation proceeding have already issued the Bridge's an award, but the Bridge's and Kinder Morgan are appealing this award. EP was never noticed in the Bridge's condemnation proceeding and tried to intervene but the Commissioners did not allow them to. EP was noticed in the Odell condemnation proceeding, which has not yet occurred.

If Kinder Morgan condemns the Bridges and Odell's properties and does not reroute, EP would have to drill new wells, do a new...


EP Solicitation Letters to Water Utilities in Hays County

TESPA obtained these letters from EP through discovery in the contested case. They show that EP is searching for additional customers. According to EP's proposed permit, if their contract with GoForth terminates, the permit expires without notice and hearing. However, they can add additional customers while GoForth is still a customer. These local water suppliers need to be aware that this project is unsustainable and will cause severe drawdown in the County.


EP Drawdown Maps

Exhibits to James Beach's Testimony


Prefiled Testimony of James Beach

TESPA's Expert Witness Testimony

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Make plans to Rally

in the EP impact zone

on Thursday, June 27,

6-8:30pm at Vista Brewing!

TESPA will share results of new groundwater modeling conducted on the impacts of Electro Purification.

(Yes. EP is still here!)

There will be science and maps and updates on the EP contested case. We’ll hear about the contested Needmore Ranch groundwater permit in Hays County, which is scheduled for a final hearing on July 29th.

Local water wells are threatened. Streams, creeks and springs are in jeopardy. Even Jacobs Well could be compromised over time.

All of this is very concerning, and it’s imperative the community stay informed and connected — best done over a cold beer (made with the precious groundwater we’re trying to protect).

It’s all about the groundwater!



Please attend BSEACD's informational meeting on June 18th to learn more about Electro Purification's permit application for 2.5 MGD and staff's recommendation to the Board of Directors. The meeting will be held at the Wimberley Community Center at 6:00 PM on June 18th.


On Tuesday night, concerned landowners in Wimberley and Driftwood flooded the sanctuary at Saint Stephen's Episcopal Church to attend TESPA's meeting about EP's groundwater production application at BSEACD and to learn about what options are available to landowners to protect their groundwater. Last July, EP submitted an application to BSEACD to pump 2.5 MGD a day of groundwater from the Trinity Aquifer. BSEACD predicts that pumping from EP's well field at this rate will cause over 300 feet of drawdown within one year from wells 2 miles away. Learn more here. If you missed the meeting, you can watch the live stream here.


In July of 2017, Electro Purification, LLC ("EP") applied for a groundwater production permit at the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Conservation District ("BSEACD") for a Middle Trinity Aquifer well field in Hays County. The permit application indicates that pumping rates will be phased in over time with a maximum permitted pumping rate of 2.5 million gallons per day (MGD), or approximately 912 million gallons per year, pumped from seven wells located on the Odell and Bridges properties.

BSEACD projects that pumping this amount of groundwater will cause 300-500 feet of drawdown in the Cow Creek Aquifer within one year and after seven years could result in dewatering of the Cow Creek Aquifer. In February, BSEACD determinedthat potentially unreasonable impacts will occur at residential wells in the vicinity of the well field.

On May 21st, BSEACD staff issued a Statement of Position and recommendation to the Board of Directors to grant EP’s permit application. You can read it here....


Many of you have been asking when to submit comments, whether there will be a meeting where BSEACD will discuss the permit, etc. Here is the timeline and procedure that BSEACD's rules lay out in hopefully a more digestible format.

BSEACD will send EP notice that its application is administratively complete and a PRELIMINARY decision on the permit on May 21.

Then the public will essentially have at most 30 days to comment (EP has 10 days to publish notice and the public comment period and deadline to file a contested case starts once EP publishes notice and lasts for 20 days).

The General Manager has 60 days to decide whether to hold a hearing on the application. If someone contests during the 20 day comment period, obviously there will be a hearing, and the timeline depends on whether a SOAH hearing is requested. BSEACD has rules that govern the contested case process under Section 4-9.

If no one contests it, then it will proceed as an uncontested application, likely with a public hearing (not a contested case hearing) which will be conducted at a...