TESPA Mission

The mission of The Trinity Edwards Springs Protection Association (TESPA) is to protect the Trinity and Edwards aquifers, the springs that flow from this interconnected system, and the property rights of landowners who depend on this precious natural resource.

TESPA was formed as a response to the attempt by a private company – Electro Purification - to develop and sell 5.1 million gallons per day of groundwater from the Trinity Aquifer. The Electro Purification project will harm adjacent neighbors who are totally dependent upon private wells in the Trinity for their water supply. However, the issues to be addressed by TESPA go beyond the dispute with Electro Purification to include more general protection for springs throughout central Texas – springs which are the key to the survival of Texas’ beautiful flowing streams and to property values and the use and enjoyment of private property. Learn more

TESPA Readies for Next Battle, Drops Lawsuit and Administrative Appeal

In light of the new law, TESPA has assessed that its lawsuit is no longer necessary in its current form. We will voluntarily dismiss it and the administrative law challenge that we were pursuing. Our focus and attention now switches to HB 3405 and the BSEACD that was given regulatory authority over the disputed area (called the “shared territory” in HB 3405) where EP’s well field is proposed to be located. To this end, TESPA intends to fully participate in future legal proceedings before the BSEACD. In short, our plan and commitment remains the same—continue to fight to protect our water, our springs, and our homes and families which depend on them. Read full press release here.

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