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The mission of The Trinity Edwards Springs Protection Association (TESPA) is to protect the Trinity and Edwards aquifers from over pumping, the springs that flow from this interconnected system, and the property rights of landowners who depend on and wish to conserve this precious natural resource.

The Trinity Aquifer is under siege. The springs and creeks which emanate from this natural resource, and the property rights of landowners are at risk. Today, more than ever before, this precious natural resource, which is vital to the ecology and economy of the Hill Country, is in peril. As the population in Central Texas continues to grow, water suppliers are searching for new sources of water, and the Trinity Aquifer is a target. Although groundwater pumping from the aquifer is already occurring at an unsustainable rate, more groundwater development projects are in the works. Current groundwater law facilitates the mining of our aquifers and elevates groundwater development over groundwater protection. TESPA is taking legal action and advocating for policy changes to ensure that groundwater in Texas is sustainably managed and landowners' property rights are protected.

Latest Updates

Sign Petition to Protect Groundwater in Hays County

The Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District’s (HTGCD) job is to protect the groundwater that you own beneath your property and all the groundwater resources, like Jacob’s Well, that play a vital role in Hays County’s economy.

HB 1304 by Rep. Erin Zwiener provides HTGCD with a dependable source of funding by allowing HTGCD to collect production fees from non-exempt use wells. HB 1304 does not create a tax or allow HTGCD to request authority to collect property taxes. The bill authorizes HTGCD to only collect production fees from permitted wells – not exempt use wells, such as agricultural wells or domestic wells. Show your support for HB 1304 by signing this petition.