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The mission of The Trinity Edwards Springs Protection Association (TESPA) is to protect the Trinity and Edwards aquifers from over pumping, the springs that flow from this interconnected system, and the property rights of landowners who depend on and wish to conserve this precious natural resource.

The Trinity Aquifer is under siege. The springs and creeks which emanate from this natural resource, and the property rights of landowners are at risk. Today, more than ever before, this precious natural resource, which is vital to the ecology and economy of the Hill Country, is in peril. As the population in Central Texas continues to grow, water suppliers are searching for new sources of water, and the Trinity Aquifer is a target. Although groundwater pumping from the aquifer is already occurring at an unsustainable rate, more groundwater development projects are in the works. Current groundwater law facilitates the mining of our aquifers and elevates groundwater development over groundwater protection. TESPA is taking legal action and advocating for policy changes to ensure that groundwater in Texas is sustainably managed and landowners' property rights are protected.

Latest Updates

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The newly created Southwestern Travis County GCD, which has authority to regulate production from the Trinity Aquifer, has had a rocky start and was the subject of discussion at last night's panel on groundwater management in Texas held at West Cave Preserve

The GCD's enabling legislation required that before the District could officially operate, voters would need to confirm it at an election no later than May 2018. Consistent with this requirement in the enabling legislation, the temporary board directors ordered the election last month. The Travis County Commissioners Court then voted to provide the District with a loan to pay for the election because the District has no revenue right now. Subsequently, the temporary board directors met and voted to cancel the election as they were uncomfortable taking on a large debt (the cost of the election was estimated to be $150,000) before the District was even up and...

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February is coming to a close, and it has been a busy couple of months at TESPA. Our team of lawyers has been working hard on the Needmore Water contested case and we have been extremely engaged in the creation of the Southwestern Travis County Groundwater Conservation District, which will regulate groundwater production from the Trinity Aquifer. And with Electro Purification's permit application moving forward at BSEACD, it looks like we are going to continue to stay busy. Read below for all the details.

Pictured above: Groundwater fed Spring Lake at the Meadows Center